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With the current high standards of Madness movies where even newbies are pretty good at animating this movie doesn't disappoint in terms of pacing and other stuff related to the animation itself. For your first movie, everything is relatively smooth and pleasing to look at move about.
Now that's out of the way let's talk about negatives.

This movie has no backbone to stand on. It lacks any originality, creativity, personality and worst of all...Premise.
With over a year since the structure of .fla movies has been set in stone by Krinkels, no one dared to experiment with it or make something new and interesting about it in their fan movies, and it rings true with this movie as well.
Nothing about this movie is new or even interesting. The length is desirable but what's the point of having a 5-minute movie without any content to keep the viewer's interest. No premise leads to a nothingburger of a movie.
The premise of original .fla movies was: Deimos dies and is sent to a hellish place where he's given messages by a person he knew back when he was alive, or at least that's what's viewer is led to believe.

The first movie of presumably planned series (I guess from TBC ending) should give you any basic pieces of information about who what and where. Even if it's meant to be a mystery.
If you keep everything a mystery from me, I'll lose interest and stop watching.
Music at the beginning couldn't be more misplaced and 16 kbps sound quality is just another kick in the balls.

Concluding everything I said I don't think this movie is unsalvagable because you clearly care enough about madness to spend your time animating it. Animation and production mistakes are excusable (and very much welcome) when creating your first movie, but lack of creativity and not enough brain-power to make something people have not seen 10 times already isn't. I made the same mistakes as you did back in my freshmen years. Hell, most of people new to madness did, and I got out of the never-ending hole that's called unoriginality.
Heads up bro, you can only get better from here on out. Don't let yourself become another Kelzad.

Robi collab a nawet własnego klipu nie ma.......

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Ah yeah I was gonna watch bnha season 3
Thanks for reminder bro

EDIT: It kinda sucked in comparison to the first two.

When Green Pepper sucks... Extile rules above. We're the necessary evil...

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