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A proposal

Posted by kRyyNG - May 10th, 2019

I propose an idea.

Hosting, creating and publishing collabs isn't allowed in the year 2020. (Coops and such are obviously allowed)

I've heard enough complaining to see it as a best resort for madness community. It's time to stop complaining and start working.

No mercy.

Edit: This post isn't ill-intentioned

Edit2: This post refers only to Madness Combat community



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What if a collab is started in late 2019 and the development of it is still going by 2020?

Either postpone it's release to 2021 or don't host it at all knowing the rule.

okay, gud idea

@kRyyNG I guess it's understandable, but I will disagree until you will give a valid reasoning as to why they should not be allowed?
Unless you're going to do the typical Extile greeting to people who disagree with you?
I will not take "because most collabs are shit" or "the collabs are not organized properly like wank."
Those are easily solvable anyway if given to the right people to take control it.

I've heard enough complaints from people like @sentryturbo and @Cymbourine to deduct it's the best we can do now. We're quick to discard all the throwaway trash collabs that have been created in the last 2 years while looking at ones like Paradig2 or Wank series and thinking there's no problem. We lack original solo movies and are overwhelmed with collabs.

I think that it is unnecessary to prohibit the collab
people can come up with something interesting and ingenious
You can do a сollab not only in Madness Сombat
Well, on the other cartoons

They can, but it doesn't mean they do, and they don't.

it's realy fucking stupid m8

No, you're just stupid enough to not understand it m8

The maximum on which I agree to prohibit generic and test collabs
because it is not interesting to anyone
it was popular only from 2008-2018

@Moxiw @kRyyNG @Cymbourine
While it's understandable, the idea you're representing is a glass cannon at best.
While I get that most of the collabs today, unlike Wank or Paradig2, are mostly trash.
But why actually make people stop doing them, and instead just go to them in person whenever they host it and say it's not exactly a good idea due to them being completely inexperienced in what they do?
There are a pretty good amount of ways to actually stop people from doing these specific collabs when given the right reasons for them to stop.
Besides, this community ain't exactly large so it's pretty easy to find out the collabs that are being hosted.
What I'd recommend at least is what I said above.
Of course if they wouldn't listen, then it's really out of our power unless you raid them like you did with some servers, that's one of the ways to destroy it.
I agree with the solo movies though, there should be more of those at least.

I don't see restraining collaborations for a year as any hindrance to the whole community. I get that joining collabs might be a form of training for someone inexperienced, but creating your own movie is a much better resort. Joining unoriginal collabs only trains you in being unoriginal and continuing the cycle of coping each other. Madness as an animating is too broad to be self-sufficient. You won't stop stupid people from being stupid, so how about you don't let them be stupid in the first place

I agree

Honestly it really isn't.
He has a point but the way he represents it is a bit wrong and can have its own ways to actually solve it.

even though you make alt accounts being retarded and animating the shittyest crap ever possible to come out of madness :tabanek:

We all have our flaws niggа...

may i join in

Honestly I don't think this rule is a good idea though.
It's not going to fix the laziness problem in the madness community, it's just going to stop newer animators from being recognized.
Sure there's too many collabs and a lot of them are low quality, but it's a necessary part of the madness community.
A lot of people join the community through collabs, so if anything you'd be destroying the community more by "banning" collabs.
Chances are not everybody is going to follow your rule anyway, there's no way to remove collabs from the entire madness community, that's just an Article 13 esque mentality.

When it comes to recognition, I think you have a better shot at being noticed and respected by creating something creative instead of following the already set rules bit better than other newbies.
A good example would be RoetCarPower or even VladClown who both gained respect by creating something of their own. We either stop the problem at its core or keep the stagnation and disintegration of Madness content.
I'm aware it's a really extreme resolution but you're free to give us your own idea.

I think a better way to improve quality from madness animators is to gently nudge them with things like constructive criticism, and comprehensive tutorials on specific aspects like movement and blood splatters. People are more likely to listen to you if you try being more persuasive and less forceful.

I agree with you, but here's the problem.
As it currently is, a lot of new and even old (for example @kelzad) creators are mute to any criticism given to them and see it as either banter of hate. If we want to achieve any positive change, we need to be more forceful.
I gotta say I blame myself for not creating an in-depth tutorial yet because of personal reasons, so I give you that one.

Well here's my solution:
Convince people not to make clip collabs and instead have them make story collabs
banning collabs entirely would be way more self-destructive than helpful
and banning story collabs would also mean that stuff of the same quality as ParadigMadness or Whitehank would be banned too.

Go ahead and convince them then

@kRyyNG As much as I want to agree with you on this, them being stupid is not exactly an excuse.
Them joining collabs is alright if they're let in, but what isn't okay is inexperienced people letting other inexperienced people in.
The thing is what you're talking about right, there shouldn't be collabs in 2020, but what you aren't right about it to literally stop all activity of it in the future.
Just keep it that non-story based collabs that are just clips are prohibited, but those that are well thought out should at least have some clearance.
That's my proposition to the situation.

On one side I agree that prohibiting any form of collabs is too much, but there will be always people arguing the quality of what they've made (@zapchon). We can't choose which can be posted and which can't cuz that'd be a step too far imo. Until we find a golden mean I propose the prohibition of all collabs.

@Moxiw @kRyyNG
I suppose that's understandable until there is a better solution to this issue.

Go ahead and stop collabs in the entire madness community then.
As of right now your "rule" is basically saying "You guys liked Whitehank 2, right? well too fucking bad! You aren't getting anything of the same quality for a whole year!"

How about making a good movie yourself instead of complaining. This is a non-argument. How about having 10 great and unique movies instead of 1 great collab.

@Belyayevs-Fox @kRyyNG Sometimes, you just have to acknowledge that you can not decide what others want to do with their own choices, so it is best to concentrate on what is feasible and make do with what you can.

I'm here to give my resolution to long-term problem our community has been dealing with. I know I won't convince everyone, but I'll be glad if anyone finds my solutions helpful.

Dude, I'm literally animating a solo project right now

ok no Madens Test collab x

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