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When Green Pepper sucks... Extile rules above. We're the necessary evil...

(It's pronounced "krii")

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I disagree

At least I don't need an entire Wiki to explain my project's story ;)


Very nice, at least this year had more projects, lets go again stronger next time

With new regulations coming next year concerning collabs that might be the case.

lol ur just mad cuz wank lore smelly

wank story bad but action good
you got neither

i wish i had s paragraph as long as abnormis

* a

i like

Late mandess day.

have a happy!

@Kelzad @kRyyNG watch out kids, the snake bites back!

No need to bodyguard your buddy, niggа

@Zapchon best response ever!!

Late MD, mad-boy.

@Djjaner @kRyyNG no im sad

is it pronounced kryy as in cry or kryy as in kree

For abnormis:departure rating,i got some disagree with,as a 6.5 or 7 would fit more with the quality of the solo,and it just a side project too(like bruh,how WORSHIP THE EXALTED got better score than a fully finished side solo,not that it bad,but it also lack alot more than abnormis departure)
But hey,u do u

5 is a perfect score to me since it's a perfectly mediocre movie. Just because it's finished doesn't mean it's automatically good or bad.

This is cool and all, but how do you feel about Madness Whitehank Zero: The Mulligan?

Jakim cudem mój film ma większy wynik niż Abnormis: Departure????
Znaczy rozumiem że może i wiele rzeczy w nim może być interpretowane na wiele sposobów (razem z tytułem) i że Łukasz mi przy nim pomagał pod względem spritów, ale pod względem nawet s m o t h n e s s u to od razu widać że jestem w chuj do tyłu.

No ale dzięki mimo wszystko lol

Jajca se robie z debila Zapchona.
Tzn twój film bardziej mi się podobał od jego no ale jak bym miał na serio oceniać to byś gdzieś z pięć też dostał.

@Zapchon yeah thats why kelzad stole krinkels ideas, easy way for normies,
i think better if you have wiki with ur hard story (also wiki was creasted for explane shit because in madness this is hard cuz madness is gay) than just another one unoriginal project where dickheads tryin to kills dickheads or shit like rrealm. thats gay ok trollface?
i know funny when you making trollface madness or blue madness and after that you can say get rekt its originality and at least i dont need to have wiii but it look unfunny and dubm right? cock

@kota1337 i didnt even make the damn wiki lol. I gave them some images to work with.

@kelzad wiki was a troll making fun of realm wiki and zapchon retatd how trolled once more because he can't handle jokes contrary to his believes. Its only funnier once the GP gang storms in trying to defend him (disappointed gib didn't appear too).
Basically you're all cringe and we're kek

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